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I don’t want to be part of an organization. I don’t want to agree on demands, or make reforms, or shake hands with police. I don’t want to be in lockstep with anyone or have my anger reabsorbed into a monolithic political body. I DO, however,want to ride the wave of momentum. I want to get all up in the energy that is moving through this country (this planet?). I think, maybe, it could be incredible.

I want us to question and connect and check privileges, and I also want it to be okay to bumble around a bit and make mistakes and make space for the voices of new activists and families and youth and undocumented folks and people of color and queers and women and dis-abled folks, and also remember that straight white men can be righteously angry, too, and they can also be great allies. Hell, given the climate of the country, at some point, we may be marching side by side with working class red staters.

I just want the real change to happen! I want to see this system DIE. I want us to KICK IT TILL IT BREAKS and replace it with new intimate forms of community. I want us to skill share, to plant things, to create health collectives, and new ways of feeding each other and new forms of economy and exchange. I don’t want utopia. Let’s disagree. Let’s work across unexpected lines. Let’s leave each other if we need to, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water; NOW is the time.

WE are the one’s we’ve been waiting for, not any specific organizing body. No one has and no one should have a monopoly on dissent. Let’s do this organically and fiercely and our way and new ways, but let’s not walk away! Get frustrated, get mad, and then get out there and make it yours. Hope to see you on the streets soon, and in living rooms, and back yards, and coffee houses, and bookstores; let’s decolonize everywhere, make our rage and our love visible, not just on the permitted sidewalks outside city hall, but everywhere we live, work, play, and breathe. Love and Rage, 
Tamara ♥

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